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Born out of FWOD Brooklyn, a weekly women’s-only social bike ride, we started Formula Femme in 2015 to shake up the world of track racing at our local velodrome.

We’re a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds, from full-time couriers to daily commuters. We’re active throughout the cycling community: you can find us riding in alleycat street races, organizing bike camping trips and long rides upstate, touring across the country – or just across town for ice cream.

Our love for riding bikes and creating a fun, supportive atmosphere for women is what brought us together to make waves in the world of competitive cycling. With the guidance of Koochella, the women’s team named USA Cycling’s Track Club of the Year in 2015, we’re working to establish a larger presence for women on the velodrome in New York City.


Our goals are to:

  • grow women’s track racing in NYC by ensuring there’s a full field and competition at all levels at each race;
  • help our local cycling community through clinics, volunteering, and fundraising to make racing and cycling more accessible, especially to women;
  • open up new doors to women in cycling, whether that’s a first race, first bike tour, or first century ride.


Women are underrepresented in every cycling discipline, but especially in track racing in New York. There are usually only enough women to run a single field, meaning all levels race against each other — which isn’t great for development or competition. Formula Femme is determined to grow women’s presence on the track not only through our own racing, but also by using our visibility to inspire more women to join us at the velodrome.